Shenango Community Education Foundation (SCEF) is excited about four new classroom grants awarded early this Spring. The Foundation sought applications from district employees with the goal of enhancing programs and benefiting students and the greater Shenango community.

Grant to Assist with a Community Service Project

Ryan Mayo (Composition) was awarded a grant to assist with a community service project. The freshman class at Shenango visited various churches and community parks to assist with spring cleaning. One goal of the project was to promote the importance of giving back to the community.

Grant to Create a Sensory Room

Krista Hunter (School Psychologist) received a grant to transform unused space in the Elementary School into a Sensory Room. In a typical classroom setting, some students’ sensory needs are not able to be met. A Sensory Room addition will provide focal events for gross motor needs, fine motor needs, and tactile needs. The primary focus of the Sensory Room is to help students relax and learn to self-regulate in a safe environment. The goal is for students with sensory needs to return to the regular classroom with the needs fulfilled. Hunter indicates that “this sensory room may help increase the attention of these students and create opportunities for building self-confidence and social skills.”

Grant to Purchase TagReaders

Kindergarten Teachers Amy Cox, Jess Piccirillo, Suzanne Montgomery, and Amber Flood were recipients of grant monies to purchase TagReaders. Through a separate grant, TagReader books have already been received for Kindergarten use, however, these cannot be utilized without the Reader. With SCEF’s grant, 20 TagReaders were purchased. The TagReaders will help emergent readers build fluency as well as assist with comprehension and accuracy skills while reading in small groups or independently.

Grant to Purchase Chemistry Lab Equipment

Lastly, Chris Vecenie (Chemistry) was able to purchase two Pasco Explorer GLX Graphing Data Loggers and pH sensor probes and colorimeter sensors for use in Chemistry Lab experiments. With the addition of this updated equipment, Chemistry students will be able to gather and analyze titrations, evaporation rates, pH levels, calorimetry, kinetics and rates of reactions, and spectroscopy.






The Shenango Community Education Foundation is proud to announce three classroom scholarship grants that were awarded during the March 5, 2014 meeting of the Board of Directors.  The decision was not an easy one for SCEF’s Board; six applications were reviewed during the meeting.

School-Based Grant for Water Bottles

The Shenango Elementary School Wellness Committee, under Chairperson Mr. Ken Keene, was awarded a school-based grant to purchase water bottles for all elementary students.  As a focus this year, the Wellness Committee has promoted the benefits of proper hydration for good health.  On May 28, 2014, the elementary will hold its Healthy Champions Event Day Celebration to champion efforts throughout the school year and reinforce healthy living habits; during this Celebration, each elementary student will receive a water bottle.

School-Based Grant for Wildcat Television

A school-based grant was awarded to WCAT Advisor Ms. Rachel Guy and the Wildcat television crew.  This grant will be used to purchase equipment that will allow video streaming of the high school morning announcements.  One benefit of this grant will be the eventual linking of the morning announcements via web communication and/or social media to parents and the community.  This new technology will be piloted in the fall of 2014.  This will also allow a portal to be set up for parents or community members to access and view announcements.

Classroom-Based Grant for iPad

A classroom-based grant was presented to Ms. Heather McKissick to purchase an iPad for classroom use.  Applications will enhance both teacher and student learning and provide students the opportunity to work with a Mac platform.  While some students already have technology and use the District’s Bring Your Own Device to school policy to enhance their classroom learning experiences, there still are students who would benefit from working with multiple platforms.  This purchase will help to close the technology experience gap so Shenango students will be exposed to both PC and Mac platforms.